TributesMatch of the Day commentator Guy Mowbray: Another great gone. Former Leeds manager Neil Redfearn: So sad, what a great se Regardez l'évènement Euro U21: Russie - France Espoirs en direct sur Eurosport. Scores, statistiques et commentaires en temps réel. Russie, tout le mercato et transfert en direct - LiveFoot +> France U21 scores en direct, calendrier et résultats - Football Russie U21 - France U21, résultat et score du match. Le match Russie U21 - France U21 en direct live du 28 mars 2021 Russie - France Groupe C de Euro U21 2021 Hongrie/Slovénie 28 mars 2021 21:00 - Compositions, buteurs, statistiques Matchs en direct de Russie U-21 : calendrier, scores et resultats de l'equipe de foot de Russia Under 21 (Russie Espoirs) Footballers, like the rest of us, are fallible: they peak and they trough, they have good days and bad days and, also like the rest of us, could do with a little cajoling or scolding now and again. It has become fashionable to condescend the concept of passion, or 'pashun', but commitment to a team, its aim and its ambition represent one of those intangibles that can provide marginal advantages at the elite level. Passion or commitment, of course, will go absolutely nowhere if not channelled and accompanied by good coaching and meticulous tactical planning - but it is crucially important. Sir Alex Ferguson had near unparalleled success in the British game but was a manager first and a coach second; it is no surprise that each of his great Manchester United teams saw him appoint a great coach as his number two, whether that be Brian Kidd, McClaren or Carlos Queiroz. Strasbourg have found it extremely difficult to put momentum together this season but their last few matches have been somewhat more pleasing with two wins and an undeserved defeat in their last three matches. They scored four goals in their most recent game against Nîmes and showed a lot more of that pressing energy that made them so successful last season.